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Football - WC 2022 Team Special bets bets

World Cup - Win All Group Matches - Spain
World Cup - Win All Group Matches - Belgium
World Cup - Win All Group Matches - Brazil
Win All Group Matches - Portugal
Group Points Germany
Group Points Switzerland
Group Points Spain
Group Points Costa Rica
Group Points Japan
Group Points Belgium
Group Points Canada
Group Points Morocco
Group Points Croatia
Group Points Brazil
Group Points Serbia
Group Points Cameroon
Group Points Portugal
Group Points Ghana
Group Points Uruguay
Group Points South Korea
Total Goals Germany




Under 8.5 1.20

Over 8.5 4.30

Total Goals Switzerland
Total Goals Wales
Total Goals Argentina
Total Goals Mexico
Total Goals Costa Rica
Total Goals Belgium
Total Goals Canada
Total Goals Morocco
Total Goals Croatia
Total Goals Brazil
Total Goals Serbia
Total Goals Cameroon
Total Goals Portugal
Total Goals Ghana
Total Goals Uruquay
Total Goals Korea Republic
Top Goalscorer Germany
Top Goalscorer Switzerland
Top Goalscorer England
Top Goalscorer Iran
Top Goalscorer Argentina
Top Goalscorer Mexico
Top Goalscorer Spain
Top Goalscorer Costa Rica
Top Goalscorer Japan
Top Goalscorer Belgium
Top Goalscorer Croatia
Top Goalscorer Portugal
Top Goalscorer Uruguay
Top Goalscorer South Korea
Penalty shootout Elimination Germany
Penalty shootout Elimination Switzerland
Penalty shootout Elimination Spain
Penalty shootout Elimination Belgium
Penalty shootout Elimination Croatia
Penalty shootout Elimination Brazil