Responsible Gaming

    Responsible Gaming

    Responsible Gaming

    Online gaming has become an accepted form of entertainment for our age. Playing for money is exciting and enjoyable but also implicates risks. Interwetten therefore supports the prevention of gambling addiction and takes its responsibility in this matter very seriously.

    It is obvious for us that a dutiful and serious game provider must offer sufficient and thorough information regarding all possible risks of gambling addiction to their customers. Prevention requires information and only well-informed players are able to recognize the signs of addiction during an early stage. Interwetten offers proactive tools to help any player study their own gaming behaviour and prevent the negative consequences of excessive gambling. These include the options of deposit (loss limits) and stake limits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and a reality-check-system for virtual slot games, which is an opportunity for anyone feeling endangered by addiction. Last but not least, there is the option of temporary or indefinite self-exclusion. Furthermore, the responsible game provider must ensure the availability of sufficient help and support in case a customer needs both or one is at apparent risk of developing addiction.

    Our policy for preventing gambling addiction complies therefore with the following five principles:

    1. Information: We inform our customers about the risks of online gaming as well as preventive procedures to the best of our knowledge and we help them recognize the first symptoms of a critical gaming behavior. We also inform our customers about their own gaming behavior regularly. Our customers receive a summary of their wagers, winnings and losses on a monthly basis upon login and before starting a game. The customer must confirm their understanding of this information before they can start playing. Further relevant informations (payout odds, automated random mechanisms, probability of winning or losing) will be visible for each game and will be displayed upon the customer’s request.

    2. The training of staff: Our colleagues regularly receive training and they learn from experts and aid agencies to provide practical help in preventing gambling addiction.

    3. Protection of minors: We are strictly committed to protect minors so that individuals who are not of legal age cannot be our customers. Interwetten performs identity verification procedures strictly in accordance with the criteria of the KJM (AVS-RASTER) and monitors the input dates of birth of all customers in order to ensure the protection of minors. Finally, we also ensure that we do displays advertising that encourages minors to gamble for money.

    Note to the parents:

    If your computer at home is being used by underage friends and relatives, we recommend to implement a filtering software to protect them from exposure to gambling sites. Please find further information and the option of downloading the software at: „“.

     4. Actions to prevent gambling addiction: Interwetten has of course no intention to patronize any customer. We do, however, want to offer our customers all required tools to support them reach their individual goals. Interwetten therefore has come up with a great variety of options for anyone who would like to monitor his or her gaming behaviour.

    • Customers will be requested upon their login to set their individual deposit (loss-) and wager limits on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Click here for details. Click here for details. The customer can at any time replace existing limits with stricter ones under My Account//Limit overview.
    • In case of virtual slot games, the customer must face a reality-check every 60 minutes
    • Customers of Interwetten are provided with the option of self-tests in case of feeling at risk of an addiction. There is also a shorter Quick-Check, offered as part of the BZgA-Campaign, “Check your game”, available at
    • Lastly, definite or indefinite self-exclusion from gaming can be a productive strategy for regaining control. Please contact our service department by email or ticket to have a self-exclusion implemented. In addition, there is an irrevocable 24-hours-self exclusion that you can put into effect yourself by clicking on the 24h panic -button on our virtual slots site.


    Please keep in mind that we ourselves will apply exclusions out of our own initiative in case our system identifies signs of problematic gaming. Excluded players will not receive any form of advertisement either Our customers can modify the opt-out-system for marketing communications themselves at any time in their Interwetten account settings.

    5. Help and support: Interwetten provides its customers with contact information of external consulting services to help them find professional support in preventing addiction and receiving treatment.

    If our customers suspect that they have lost control over their gaming behaviour or that someone from their family or friends faces difficulties or shows signs and symptoms of addiction, they can contact the following independent and non-profit organisations for help and support:

    Telephone support:

    Glü +49 6104 9879 968
    BZgA – Helpline +49 0800 13 72 70 0
    BZgA – Helpline +49 0800 32 64 762 (For Turkish Speakers)

    Face-to-Face Advice

    Click here to find a counselling center near you:

    Gambling Addiction Prevention - Stay In Control!

    Any adult can enjoy the fun and excitement of online gambling.

    As almost all things in life, however, betting and gambling should be enjoyed within reasonable limits. Only self-controlled gaming is entertaining. Therefore, it is pivotal that every player keeps control over it in terms of extent, frequency and financial implications.

    Unrestrained gaming and wagers that exceed the player's financial capacity imply that the person's self-control is insufficient. If the attraction of gaming is stronger than the individual's self- control, a gaming addiction may lead to personal and social problems.

    Useful tips

    In order to stay in control, we recommend that you comply with the following rules whenever you are using our site:

    • Play in moderation and do not forget that gaming is a form of entertainment and never a way of making money
    • Please be aware that gaming is a matter of chance and that there are no "magic" formulas that guarantee winnings
    • Make sure you know the rules of the games you play
    • Play when you feel alert enough and, as with any other internet activity, take regular breaks
    • Don't play when drinking alcohol or taking any medications that can influence your perception
    • If you are feeling down and depressed, do not play
    • Set yourself a budget and keep track of the amounts spent and/or set personal deposit and/or stake limits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
    • Use only funds that are available for entertainment. Never stake funds that have been allocated to any other purpose
    • Never borrow money from third parties in order to play
    • tick to your own limits even if when you are losing money

    Self-exclusion as a Preventive Tool

    An application for self-blocking or third-party blocking can be submitted to the customer service by ticket or e-mail to [email protected] or to the Darmstadt Regional Council as the authority responsible for maintaining the cross-provider, Germany-wide OASIS blocking database. The corresponding form can also be found here. Self-exclusion also results in entry in the OASIS cross-provider, Germany-wide barring database. The lifting of an indefinite self-exclusion or a third-party block can be applied for at the earliest after the minimum term of one (1) year has expired. The lifting of a temporary self-lock can be requested after the expiry of the requested period of at least three (3) months. Further information and support is available to players in the product rules, on the Interwetten page on gambling addiction prevention and/or through our service department and at  Interwetten shall keep all records of the player's requests for exclusion and his resulting exclusion for the duration of the self-exclusion period plus a further period of at least six (6) months after expiry of the self-exclusion period. Data on short-term player exclusions (24 hours) will be deleted within two (2) weeks after expiry of the exclusion.

    Protection of minors

    No access for minors
    Minors are expressly not the target group for Interwetten's business activities.

    The protection of minors is a top priority. Therefore, the participation of minors in gambling is prohibited without exception.

    Yet, sports betting and virtual slot games can be very attractive to minors. According to diverse scientific studies, they are particularly susceptible to the development of problematic and addictive gambling behaviour.

    Interwetten takes extensive measures to protect minors from even encountering gambling promotions that are intended for responsible use by adults.

    More tips for parents:

    • Do not leave children unattended near your computer when using our site
    • Do make use of customer friendly monitoring applications like or
    • Protect your gaming programs with password access Keep your Interwetten username, password and deposit details out of the reach of children
    • Do not allow minors to participate in any gaming activity
    • Educate your children about the legal implications and the potential psychological risk of underage gaming
    • Unfortunately, no system can prevent fraud and identity theft. If you are aware of any fraudulent abuse of our services, please notify our service department by email to [email protected] instantly

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